Vectra Electric + Blade Aura Screen Three Person Straight – Single Sided

Vectra Electric + Blade Aura Workstation Cluster

Three Person Straight – Single Sided – 3 Aura Panel Screens

Feature Highlights

  • Three Person Straight – Single Sided; 3 Aura Panel Workstation Screens
  • White Powdercoat Finish
  • Standard Scallop to Worktop
  • Desk height range 685-1125mm (excluding worktop)
  • Side Mounting Screen Height 300mm
  • Centre Mounting Screen Height 300mm
  • Workstation Cluster includes; Worktop, Desk Frame, Screens, Brackets
  • Workstation Cluster excludes; Power/Data & Softwiring, Caddies, Chairs, Shelves
  • Extended colour range options available only
  • Note: Worktops are reduced by 10mm overall to provide necessary clearance
  • Aura Screen is tested for fire retardancy
  • Aura Screen Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is 0.85
  • 5 year warranty (excludes textile components)
Warranty 5 year warranty

Order Extended Option - Pick-up within 15-20 workings days from receipt of order

Select Melamine Colour (extended range)
Melamine Colour (extended range) - Seasoned Oak
Seasoned Oak
Melamine Colour (extended range) - Milkwood
Melamine Colour (extended range) - Oyster Linea
Oyster Linea
Melamine Colour (extended range) - Oyster Grey
Oyster Grey
Melamine Colour (extended range) - Alaskan
Melamine Colour (extended range) - Parchment
Melamine Colour (extended range) - Black *
Black *
Melamine Colour (extended range) - Ironstone
Melamine Colour (extended range) - New Graphite
New Graphite
Melamine Colour (extended range) - Curly Birch
Curly Birch
Melamine Colour (extended range) - Young Beech
Young Beech
Melamine Colour (extended range) - Select Beech
Select Beech
Melamine Colour (extended range) - White
Melamine Colour (extended range) - Polar White
Polar White
Select Aura Panel
Aura Panel - Red_08
Aura Panel - Orange_46
Aura Panel - Purple_50
Aura Panel - Dark Blue_19
Dark Blue_19
Aura Panel - Mid Blue_25
Mid Blue_25
Aura Panel - Sky Blue_14
Sky Blue_14
Aura Panel - Yellow_05
Aura Panel - Natural_04
Aura Panel - Bright Green_51
Bright Green_51
Aura Panel - Green_43
Aura Panel - Black_13
Aura Panel - White_07
Aura Panel - Charcoal_03
Aura Panel - Dark Grey_36
Dark Grey_36
Aura Panel - Mid Grey_30
Mid Grey_30
Aura Panel - Light Grey_11
Light Grey_11
Select Powdercoat
Powdercoat - White
* We recommend for Black melamine to be used on vertical surfaces only as it can scratch quite easily
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